We are long-term investors seeking to acquire controlling positions in businesses that are capable of generating significant growth.

We invest exclusively in companies that operate within and provide services to the leisure sector, which encompasses hotels, travel, health & wellbeing, gaming, bars & restaurants and visitor attractions.

We believe that being focused on a single sector provides us with a unique competitive advantage by giving us greater visibility of the trends, opportunities and challenges impacting the leisure sector.

Whilst we predominantly focus on European companies, we believe that a global perspective is critical to identifying and exploiting value creation opportunities, and we have the ability to invest outside Europe.

The Fund typically targets businesses with enterprise values up to £50 million.

We intend to harness our unrivalled network of contacts across the leisure sector to help management teams accelerate their growth plans and fulfil their strategic objectives. KPC’s inaugural fund has already secured commitments from over 30 senior executives and owners within the leisure sector.

We work closely with our management teams and make an active contribution through Board participation, whilst leaving the day-to-day running of the business to management.
KPC intends to create value by pursuing the following strategies:

• Back proven management talent
• Back proven concepts in immature markets
• Support rollout concepts
• Build platforms to consolidate fragmented target sectors
Investment characteristics
KPC intends to invest in companies that exhibit a number of the following characteristics:

• Strong cash flow generation
• Demonstrable market growth potential
• High volume, low ticket product
• Differentiated product / high barriers to entry
• Ownership of the customer
• Asset backing or contractual revenue streams